DEMO is the machine that will bring fusion energy research to the threshold of a prototype fusion reactor. After ITER—the machine that will demonstrate the technological and scientific feasibility of fusion energy—DEMO will open the way to its industrial and commercial exploitation With an inner wall made of beryllium and tungsten, the European tokamak JET is the only tokamak in the world to share the same material environment as ITER. When it begins a new experimental campaign with ITER fuels in January 2021, JET will be a crucial source of experimental data RACE has been running demonstrations of the latest IRTF project, IA5, to ITER via a live stream. Read about in the latest edition of the ITER Newsline. IA5 - Test Blanket Module. IA5 demonstrates the feasibility of using remote handling to manoeuvre a mock-up of the ITER Test Blanket Module This is the next step after ITER: the Demonstration Power Plant, or DEMO for short. A conceptual design for such a machine could be complete before 2020. If all goes well, DEMO will lead fusion into its industrial era, beginning operations in the early 2030s, and putting fusion power into the grid as early as 2040 Comparison of ITER design parameters with proposed Demo parameters and the best individual parameters achieved in tokamak experiments. Best achieved ITER ITER Demo example individual parameters Parameter inductive steady state steady state [5] in tokamak experiments I (MA) 15 9 15 4.5 (JET) [6]; 5 (JT-60U) [7] B/

ITER ha dimensioni lineari doppie rispetto al JET e produrrà 500 MW di potenza di fusione per tempi di circa 15-30 minuti, utilizzando e provando in maniera integrata tutti i componenti chiave per il funzionamento del reattore a fusione According to the schedule of the European Fusion Programme DEMO is to supply power about the middle of the century. It will distinctly surpass its predecessor, ITER: Instead of plasma pulses lasting about five minutes as are to be provided by ITER, DEMO will be calling for two to four hours or even continuous operation Design of the DEMO Fusion Reactor Following ITER Volume 114 Number 4 July-August 2009 Paul R. Garabedian Courant Institute, New York University, 251 Mercer St., New York, NY 10012 Geoffrey B. McFadden Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, National Insitute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 garabedian@cims.nyu.ed It is probably even more important that ITER (and Demo) will approach the Greenwald density, n G = I/(π a 2), at a collisionality significantly smaller than that in present devices, as—at constant plasma shape and q 95 —the ratio n/n G can be written as , implying a reduction in ν * like (as B 1/5 will change by less than 20% compared to present medium-size or JET/JT-60U class experiments) Nel 1997 JET venne usato per condurre un'importante campagna di reazioni di fusione deuterio-trizio, i cui risultati nella modalità a alto confinamento (H-mode) a 5 MW vennero usati come base sperimentale per la progettazione del reattore di fusione ITER

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia PROTO is a proposed nuclear fusion reactor to be implemented after 2050, a successor to the ITER and DEMO projects. It is part of the European Commission long-term strategy for research of fusion energy In the ITER R&D activities, the eligibility of this concept was demonstrated for a medium heat flux range (5-11 MW/m²) . For applications to DEMO-relevant HHF loads, a matured joining technology with irradiation resistance will be needed to assure reliability

Although ITER will bring significant ad vances, there remains a large gap between ITER and DEMO. Main differences between ITER and DEMO are summarized in Table II. The power needed to drive the necessary plasma current additional to the bootstrap curr ent for DEMO 2 (12MA) would be 480MW if one assumes a current drive efficienc The 2012 European Roadmap towards fusion electricity in 2050 describes the path from JET to ITER through to DEMO and then commercialisation (Figure 1). Before DEMO can be built an ENS is required to test the reactor materials. There are several concepts for this includin JET was jointly designed and built by the members of the European fusion programme and has been operated jointly since 1983. The English Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Culham near Oxford is responsible for the technical operation, while temporarily seconded scientists and technicians from the laboratories of the European fusion programme EUROfusion work on the device Iter, in turn, will pave the way for Demo, one or more proof-of-concept fusion power stations, with South Korea aiming to put a Demo live in 2037. For now, however, Jet is the world's biggest fusion device and proves that nuclear fusion can generate power - it's just not big enough to create more power than it uses ITER, DTT, DEMO: la roadmap verso la fusione. Con l'Italia in prima fila Enea partecipa con un contributo rilevante ai principali programmi di ricerca internazionale sulla fusione (ITER e DEMO) ed è tra i principali partner delle agenzie europee Eurofusion e Fusion for Energy (F4E)

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ITER (the International Tokamak Experimental Reactor) ITER, which is shown in Figure 4, will be about twice the size of JET in linear dimensions, and operate with a higher magnetic field and current flowing through the plasma. The aim of ITER is to demonstrate integrated physics and engineering on the scale of a power station The work presented draws on new analysis of components removed following the second JET ITER-like wall campaign 2013-14 concentrating on the upper inner divertor, inner and outer divertor corners, lifetime issues relating to tungsten coatings on JET carbon fibre composite divertor tiles and dust/particulate generation

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The edge plasma of four devices, AUG, JET, ITER and a prototypical DEMO near ignition, is modelled with B2-EIRENE with a linear neutral model, carbon impurity, and variable throughput and scrape. From ITER to DEMO Hartmut Zohm Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik 85748 Garching DPG Advanced Physics School ‚The Physics of ITER' Bad Honnef, 25.09.201

JET, as mentioned above, is an important testbed for technologies that will be used in both ITER and DEMO, but it is not the only one. Most of the plasma devices around the world - whether or not they are capable of actual fusion - are part of the research effort Demo sarà una centrale elettrica vera e propria e dovrà dimostrare che si può produrre energia in è una macchina della stessa linea di Jet e Iter. È complementare a Iter, ma non.

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  1. Ensuring Reliable аnd Successful Operation оf ITER аnd DEMO (DIII-D) to three new installations in 2019 (JET, J-TEXT, and KSTAR), with two more installations planned in 2020 and 2021 (HL-2A and ASDEX-U). In addition, a robust international program,.
  2. (JET, Culham, UK) ITER -the biggest tokamak ever built. Nuclear Fusion Engineering Masters, Torino, 11 January 2011 (ITER_D_426AXG) 20 Must show us the way towards DEMO reactors at 2-4 GW Without this step reactors cannot become a reality But ITER is still an experiment . Nuclear Fusion Engineering Masters,.
  3. Ensuring Reliable аnd Successful Operation оf ITER аnd DEMO. (JET, J-TEXT, and KSTAR), with two more installations planned in 2020 and 2021 (HL-2A and ASDEX-U). In addition, a robust international program, both experimental and modelling, has grown to pursue a deep understanding of innovative methods for mitigating runaway electrons
  4. Thank you to all readers of The Engineer who sent in questions for the teams at ITER - the project to demonstrate the feasibility of magnetic-confinement nuclear fusion that is currently under construction in Cadarache, France - and its predecessor and pilot project, the Joint European Torus (JET) at Culham in Oxfordshire

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JET was the first device to produce controlled fusion power with deuterium and tritium and holds the world record for fusion power. In recent years, JET has carried out much important work to assist the design and construction of ITER, its international successor, which is being built in France JET / TFTR JET TFTR JT-60U ALCATORE 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 1KW 1MW 1GW 1W SNUT-79 2020 2030 2040 JET T-3 (1968) 1965 ATC KT KAIST-T -1 KSTAR ITER Conventional Device (Cu) Superconducting Device Superconducting Device ower EAST Year DEMO FAST FOLLOWER FIRST MOVE F4E is responsible for the European contribution to ITER and the developement of Fusion energy. Discover the merits and business opportunities of the biggest experiment in fusion energy

Although ITER, DEMO and IFMIF-DONES are the main devices on the European Fusion Roadmap, many contemporary facilities including tokamaks (JET, ASDEX Upgrade, TCV, Mast-Upgrade, WEST), linear devices (Magnum-PSI, Pilot-PSI, Jule-PSI, Judith) and a stellarator (W7-X) are needed to address the challenges that form the eight missions, which are DEMO ~ P sep ITER through P rad core (maintaining P sep > P L-H) P tot DEMO1 460 MW P sep DEMO1 154 MW P L-H DEMO1 133 MW • DEMO conventional divertor core radiation & impurity control A. Loarte, R. Pitts (ITER), Control of power loads, Taming the flame meeting, 2016 ITER study: DEMO Power Exhaust W. Treutterer IAEA DEMO Programme Workshop. author's e-mail: kamada.yutaka@jaea.go.jp Progress of JT -60SA project towards an integrated research for ITER and DEMO Yutaka KAMADA1, Shinichi ISHIDA2, Pietro Barabaschi3 and the JT-60SA Team 1 JT-60SA JA-Home Team and 2 JT-60SA Project Team, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, 801-1 Mukoyama, Naka, Ibaraki, Japan, 3 JT-60SA EU-Home Team, Fusion for Energy, Boltzmannstr 2, Garching, 85748, German Il progetto, avviato con la collaborazione dell'Unione Europea, Stati Uniti, Russia e Giappone, prevede una prima fase di realizzazione di un reattore sperimentale e una seconda di costruzione di un reattore di dimostrazione (DEMO), entro il 2010. ITER rappresenta il passo successivo rispetto al progetto JET (Joint European Torus) e permetterà. The Joint European Torus (JET) is the world's largest and most powerful fusion research device. The JET design includes a bespoke system for remote maintenance. Its 12m long snake-like booms reach into the vacuum vessel, delivering cameras and tools that enable operators to work remotely. The primary tool is MASCOT, a local-remote manipulator with haptic [

The development of DEMO will draw on many of the insights gained in the construction and operation of ITER in terms of physics and technology. Nonetheless, work on developing a concept for DEMO must begin today, parallel to work at ITER, so that research activities specific to DEMO can clarify the open questions that ITER is not expected to answer In the stepping stones paving the way to commercial fusion reactors, the last but one is DEMO, a pre-industrial nuclear fusion reactor, building on the knowledge acquired with JET and ITER. Ansaldo Nucleare (company of Ansaldo Energia Group).

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The Joint European Torus (JET), currently the world's largest tokamak, is blazing a trail in fusion research - particularly as regards the construction of its successors, ITER and DEMO. Originally put into operation in 1984 as a metal limiter machine, JET has experienced major alterations and been adapted to reflect current knowledge several times over the last 30 years 16 JET-EFDA, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon OX14 3DB, UK, see Appendix of ref [9] e-mail contact of the main author: ccs@ipp.mpg.de Abstract Key parts of the ITER scenario are determined by the capability of the proposed poloidal field coil set. The The latest JET campaign, C38, is a precursor to next year's DTE2: the first deuterium-tritium (D-T) experiment since 1997. DTE2 will act as a 'dress rehearsal' for ITER, allowing new insight into the behaviour of deuterium-tritium plasmas and testing components for ITER in more extreme conditions

Firstly, the JET plasma programme delivered scenarios suitable for high fusion power (P$_{FUS}$) and alpha particle ($\alpha$) physics in the coming D-T campaign (DTE2), with record sustained neutron rates, as well as plasmas for clarifying the impact of isotope mass on plasma core, edge and plasma-wall interactions, and for ITER pre-fusion power operation (e.g. L-H transition in He plasmas) X. LITAUDON | JET in support to ITER and preparation of DT | USBPO Web Seminar | 02 Mai 2019 | 4 Materials under 14 Mev neutrons EU step-ladder approach towards ITER and DEMO JET JT-60SA ITER Medium-Size Tokamaks and Plasma Facing Components facilities Power Plant MAST-U ASDEX-U TCV WEST Magnum-PSI PSI-2 MAST-U [Y. Kamada et al. SOFT 2018

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  1. Nel 1997 JET venne usato per condurre un'importante campagna di reazioni di fusione deuterio-trizio, i cui risultati nella modalità a alto confinamento (H-mode) a 5 MW vennero usati come base sperimentale per la progettazione del reattore di fusione ITER. Nel corso di questa campagna JET ottiene il massimo fattore di guadagno della fusione.
  2. Contrast Conditions JET ITER DEMO Machine Fusion Power (MW) Fusion Power Density (MW.m-3) Shot Duration (s) dpa/yr Average neutron fluence (MWa/m2) JET 16 0.16 ~1 ~0 ~0 ITER 500 300 0.5 0.3 400 3000 0.5 0.1 DEMO 2000 62.0 ~few 10 20 7.5 Step from ITER to DEMO seems to be greater than that from JET to ITER. 2nd IAEA DEMO Workshop.
  3. DEMO designs will also be constrained by combinations of H-mode access, machine size, and power exhaust requirements. We present analysis of all available L-H transition power threshold measurements in JET with the ITER-like Be/W wall (JET-ILW) and discuss the implications of the results for future experiments
  4. 50 MW of input power, ITER will generate 500 MW of output power. ITER will pave the way for the Demonstration power plant, or DEMO, in the 2030s. As research continues in other fusion installations worldwide, DEMO will put fusion power into the grid by the middle of this century. The last quarter of this century will see the dawn of the Age of.

ITER follows on from that of the JET device. ITER ITER will have a tokamak capable of generating 500 million watts (MW) of fusion power continuously for up to 10 minutes. It will be 30 times more powerful than JET, and very close to the size of future commercial reactors La realizzazione di esperimenti come JET, FT e FTU, Asdex, Tore Supra, W-7X e il programma tecnologico di ITER , una grande opportunità per l'industria: sviluppare know-how sulla fusione. Oggi oltre 500 industrie tra cui molte PMI seguono con interesse questo settor DEMO e ITER · Mostra di più » Joint European Torus. JET, che significa Joint European Torus, è il più grande reattore a fusione nucleare finora costruito. Nuovo!!: DEMO e Joint European Torus · Mostra di più » Liti

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  1. DEMO reactors ITER ITER β N Existing Tokamaks JT-60U Steady-state Inductive FB ideal MHD limit representative scenarios Utilizing the ITER- and DEMO-relevant plasma regimes and DEMO-equivalent plasma shapes, JT-60SA contributes to all the main issues of ITER and DEMO. 5.5MA 4.6MA
  2. ation of the maximum toroidal field (TF) ripple that try (non-circular plasma cross-section.
  3. g nuclear fusion reactors. The ITER tokamak.
  4. La realizzazione di esperienti come JET, FT e FTU, Asdex, Tore Supra, W-7X e il programma tecnologico di ITER , una grande opporotunità per l'industria: sviluppare know-how sulla fusione. Oggi oltre 500 industrie tra cui molte PMI seguono con interesse questo settore Dai primi studi sui Plasmi alle conoscenze integrate che fann
  5. o) è un progetto internazionale che si propone di realizzare un reattore sperimentale a fusione nucleare in grado di produrre più energia di quanta ne consumi per l'innesco e il sostentamento della reazione di fusione
  6. DEMO / PROTO International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility IFMIF - (EU, JA, US, RF) ITER DEMO IFMIF-HFTM Intensità della sorgente (n/s) 2 x 1020 1021 1017 Flusso neutronico (n/cm2/s) 4 x 1014 8 x 1014 4 x 1014 - 1015 Produzione di H (appm/FPY) 445 780 1000 - 2500 Produzione di He (appm/FPY) 114 200 250 - 600 Displacements per atom 3 150 15
  7. Glow discharge cleaning on ITER M. Shimada , S. Putvinski and R . A. (half toroidal cir cumference ~ 5 m) have demo nstrated that D glow plasma can be reasonably uniform using a single glow electrode at an electrode potential of 500 V and JET deuterium GDC plasmas ,.

MAST Upgrade continues Culham's pioneering research into spherical tokamaks. With a tighter magnetic field than the conventional JET - ITER-style tokamak, the spherical plasma configuration can achieve more efficient performance ITER è l'elemento fondamentale della roadmap ITER è finalizzato a raggiungere la maggior parte dei traguardi necessari per decidere la costruzione di un impianto dimostrativo per produrre energia da fusione (DEMO). La costruzione di ITER sta producendo progressi essenziali su molte delle tecnologie necessarie (Aix-en-Provence E poi vale uno scenario a lungo termine: «Iter dovrebbe essere realizzato entro il 2016, con tempi tecnici più o meno simili a una grande centrale nucleare - rileva Lazzaro - poi, se i primi risultati sulla fusione saranno quelli attesi, partirà in Giappone Demo, un reattore basato su Iter ma per la piena produzione energetica funzionamento di ITER e di testarli, ma anche di pianificare e ottimizzare i risultati di ITER e di progettare DEMO. Il funzionamento del tokamak JET con una miscela di deuterio-trizio e con una parete analoga a quella di ITER è fondamentale per spianare la strada alla messa in funzione di ITER. Il CESE riconosce il . valore aggiunto dell'U

ITER Physics Basis Editors, ITER Physics Expert Group Chairs and Co-Chairs, ITER Joint Central Team and Physics Integration Unit & ITER EDA 1999 Chapter 1: overview and summary. Nucl. Fusion 39 (12), 2137 - 2174 This paper reports new activities conducted as part of the JET technology programme under the WP-JET3 ACT sub-project collaboration. The aim of the sub-project is to take advantage of the significant 14 MeV neutron fluence expected during JET operations to irradiate samples of materials that will used in the manufacturing of main ITER tokamak comp Plasma material interactions is an emerging interdisciplinary field that studies the complicated interactions between plasmas and condensed matter bodies. These interactions are capable of altering the plasma medium but also of modifying the surfa.. Au cours du 7PC, les entreprises européennes, dont les PME, joueront un rôle central dans la construction d'ITER et pourront se positionner afin de participer pleinement à la mise au point des technologies de production d'énergie par la fusion pour DEMO (centrale électrique à fusion de démonstration) et de futures centrales à fusion sperimentazione è certamente DEMO, reattore a fusione nucleare preindustriale basato sulle conoscenze acquisite attraverso le esperienze JET e ITER. Ansaldo Nuleare (soietà del Gruppo Ansaldo Energia) ha parteipato fin dall'inizi o allo svilupp

ITER JET JET ITER-like wall experiment (unique Be capability) to be operational end 2010 Plasma facing materials choices are driven by ITER and DEMO needs ⇒ Coordinated Research: European Task Force on Plasma Wall Interaction ⇒ A growing recognition that plasma operation shall comply with constraints fixed by materials ITER foresees to use. The international ITER reactor is the successor to the purely European JET fusion reactor. What's more, the ITER reactor is the latest reactor in a long series of experimental fusion research machines before the move is made to an industrial demonstration model (DEMO) DEMO DEMOnstration Power Station JET Joint European Torus JRC The Joint Research Centre (of the European Union) KIT Karlsruhe Institute for Technology . ITER funding in context.. 60 4.2.3. Impact of ITER funding in the context of other past and present.

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While ITER is under construction and DEMO is in its conceptual phase, In 1997, JET produced 16 MW of fusion power from 24 MW of power injected into its heating systems (Q=0.67). ITER is designed for much higher fusion power gain, or Q ≥ 10 with the ITER-like wall on JET [4] and both machines explore ways to gee that ITER uarant can reach its Q=10 goal. Concerning power exhaust, the figure of merit P sep/R is of the order of 15 MW/m in ITER, assuming that it will be operated at sep ≈ 1.2 × P LHP. No experiment has yet demonstrated this power level at acceptable divertor heat flu ITER is the flagship fusion project, conceived as an experiment to select and develop the technologies for the first demonstration reactor, DEMO. Nuclear analysis is a core discipline in support. A new run of deuterium-tritium experiments planned to take place at JET in the next few years will provide a dress rehearsal for experiments at ITER's stadium-sized tokamak. ITER, in turn, will pave the way for another project called Demo, one or more proof-of-concept fusion power stations Return to ITER Power Facts Main Page By Steven B. Krivit Aug. 3, 2020 Fusion scientists have been making the same qualitative promises for more than 44 years. With ITER, they only added the quantitative promise of fusion particles with 500 MWth. JET - 1976 This proposal describes a large tokamak experiment, which aims to study plasma behaviour in conditions and dimensions approaching.

Support of ITER and DEMO Hartmut Zohm for the ASDEX Upgrade /EUROfusion MST1 Team* MPI für Plasmaphysik, Garching, Germany *see list at the end of the talk IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, OV2/2, St. Petersburg, Russia, 13.10.2014 • ASDEX Upgrade: machine and programme • Edge: H-mode access and pedestal physics • Core: transport and MHD. With the ITER high Q experiments foreseen for the late 2020's and the results of the 20 dpa materials irradiation available by the same dates, the DEMO construction could start by the mid 2030's and should be able to start net electricity generation before 2050 (Fig. 5)

ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject, which will be the world's la.. BS exceeding ITER is required. In order to satisfy these requirements, the JT-60SA device and its research project have been designed. This paper summarizes capabilities of JT-60SA for these studies based on assessment of research needs for ITER and DEMO [6]. In this paper, we refer to the Slim-CS design [5] as a typical example of DEMO reactor. 2 Ölæ ITER ITER(lnternational Thermonuclear Experimental 77H ITER : Jr-63u DI-O ITER ITER : Fast DEMO + PROTO 20N30E ITER + DEMO 02 103 2006 ITER ITER (JA) ITER 2003 (98E *El) 2005 2007 ITER 2015 1985 1988 2035 ilTERaa ilTERe The ITER design generated high fusion Q, while both the ITER and Japanese DEMO yielded the longest energy confinement time. The highest bootstrap fraction was found in the Korean DEMO. Keywords: plasma, tokamak, fusion, ITER, DEMO 1. Introduction The future energy crisis remains an open issue Ion cyclotron resonance heating modeling of JET, ITER and DEMO scenarios within the EUROfusionIntegrated Modeling (EU-IM) framework Tuesday, 08/10/2019 31 O-11 Palermo, Francesco On the performance of future tokamak devices based on scaling law predictions Wednesday, 09/10/2019 32 O-12 Rakha, Allah Shear Alfvén wave continuum spectru

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ITER is a critical step in the development of fusion energy: its role is to confirm the feasibility of exploiting magnetic confinement fusion for the production of energy for peaceful purposes by providing an integrated demonstration of the physics and technology required for a fusion power plant. Rapid progress is being made in project construction, and the facility is now taking shape at St. In ITER this energy just heats up water, but in DEMO it will be transformed in electricity. The timeline Currently, around 60 percent of the construction work at ITER has been completed (Fig. 1 ) b) ITER and DEMO will necessarily tackle severe BT (T) 7.5 8.5 6 3.5 operational problems, such as the presence H98 1 1 1.2 1.2 of large ELMs (and the need of mitigating <n20> (m ) -3 2 5 1.4 1 them), and the necessity of completely integrated plasma control tools; FAST will βN 1.3 1.7 2.2 3.4 have very large ELMs (up to few MJ) and a τ E (s) 0.4 0.65 0.20 0.10 complete set of systems to. In fisica nucleare, la fusione nucleare è una reazione nucleare attraverso la quale i nuclei di due o più atomi si uniscono tra loro, dando come risultato il nucleo di un nuovo elemento chimico.Perché questo sia possibile, i nuclei devono essere avvicinati tra loro con una forza enorme, che permetta di superare la repulsione elettromagnetica.Il nucleo prodotto dalla reazione ha massa minore.

Tales of Tokamaks, Donuts and Fusion- EUROfusionCompact spherical tokamak would be 100 times smaller thanBBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Q&A: Nuclear fusion reactorContract awarded for Demo fusion project - Nuclear

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ITER (în latină Iter - cale; inițial un acronim de la International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) este un megaproiect internațional de cercetare și inginerie a fuziunii nucleare, care construiește în prezent cel mai mare tokamak ⁠(en) experimental al unui reactor de energie de fuziune ⁠(en), adiacent infrastructurei Cadarache din sudul Franței The ITER Members are India, China, The European Union, Japan, Russia, the United States, and South Korea. You can find out more information about that in the ITER site. Within the international programs through the magnetic confinement system, the EU and the United Kingdom built the Joint European Torus (JET) ITER blanket test beds to allow the DEMO blanket to be designed to withstand 4 times the ITER steady heat loads on those components. If these systems work successfully on DEMO, DEMO itself can be used as a prototype commercial reactor creating a fast track to fusion

European divertor target concepts for DEMO: Design

LHCD is not considered for ITER phase one (it is scheduled for the second phase of the project), but it is already implemented in some famous tokamak such as TORE SUPRA (aka WEST) in France, JET in UK (hotter at 3.6 GHz), EAST in China (at 2.45 GHz and 4.6 GHz), JT60U in Japan (at 2GHz) and KSTAR in Korea (at 5GHz) Overview of the JET results in support to ITER O Asunta, M Groth, A Järvinen, J Karhunen, T Koskela, T Kurki-Suonio, Nuclear Fusion 57 (10), 102001-102001 , 201 Sul versante dei progetti futuri, oltre al progetto concettuale DEMO, inquadrato nell'attività del Consortium EUROfusion, il CREATE fornisce svariati contributi al progetto ITER, mediante contratti di servizio stipulati sia con F4E sia direttamente con ITER, svolgendo in alcuni casi il ruolo di coordinatore di progetto DOI: 10.1088/1402-4896/AA8E27 Corpus ID: 125506155. Metallic mirrors for plasma diagnosis in current and future reactors : tests for ITER and DEMO @article{Rubel2017MetallicMF, title={Metallic mirrors for plasma diagnosis in current and future reactors : tests for ITER and DEMO}, author={Marek J. Rubel and Soonwoo Moon and P. Petersson and A. Garcia-Carrasco and A. Hall{\'e}n and A. plasma on these materials and to improve the prediction for ITER, the carbo-C n wall in JET has been replaced in 2010 by an ITER-like wall (JET-ILW) with mostly Be in the main chamber and W in the divertor [5,6]. ASDEX Upgrade operates with a DEMO-relevant full W wall since approximately 2007 [7]

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JET is the world's reference facility to prepare for ITER operation, with several unique aspects, including being the only machine of its size with high-performance, high energy plasmas, the only machine able to operate with tritium fuel and the only machine with an ITER-like mixture of wall materials, namely beryllium and tungsten (chosen to reduce tritium retention in the vessel walls—an. Presenting Author Poster ID Poster Title Session/Day Ugo Bonavolontà P1-001 European DEMO Divertor Cassette: Study of an Alternative Path of the Cooling Pipes inside the Cassette Body Considering Piping Manufacturing Assessment Poster session 1 (Monday) Delphine Bossu P1-002 Manufacture of an ITER Full Scale First Wall Panel Prototype Poster session 1 (Monday) Zhang Chen P1-003 Nel JET e nel progetto ITER i progettisti hanno optato per un sistema chiamato divertor (dall'inglese to divert, Il mostruoso DEMO dovrebbe fornire solo 700 megawatt elettrici Un rischio industriale non gestibile. ITER non è una macchina destinata alla ricerca fondamentale

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Following an overview of the ITER Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency (ICRF) system, the JET ITER-like antenna (ILA) will be described. The ILA was designed to test the following ITER issues: (a) reliable operation at power densities of order 8MW/m(2) at voltages up to 45kV using a close-packed array of straps; (b) powering through ELMs using an internal (in-vacuum) conjugate-T junction; (c. For ITER and DEMO, which are predominantly heated by alpha particles so that external toroidal momentum input is small, an enhancement factor of 1.0 has therefore been used in [1,2] and in the present work Veliki fuzijski reaktor Iter, ki ga ob sodelovanju 35 držav gradijo v Franciji ter predstavlja enega najbolj ambicioznih projektov na svetu, je v teh dneh dosegel pomemben mejnik - zgradili so ga namreč že do polovice. Pri razvoju tega največjega eksperimenta na področju fuzijske energije sodelujejo tudi slovenski znanstveniki Kad ITER eksploatavimo rizika būtų kuo mažesnė, o mokslinių tyrimų planas būtų kuo geriau parengtas, EESRK mano, jog svarbu, kad JET (kaip ES arba bendras ES ir Jungtinės Karalystės įrenginys) ir toliau veiktų laikotarpiu nuo 2020 m. iki tol, kol ITER bus pradedamas pirmą kartą eksploatuoti, nes jei JET tuo laikotarpiu nebeveiktų, nėra jokių atsarginių sprendimo variantų Tritium inventory inside the vacuum vessel of a tokamak is restricted for safety reasons. Therefore it is, of great importance to assess tritium retention and outgassing in first wall materials (Be and W) in order to establish its inventory. With this aim, one of the activities foreseen in the Technical exploitation of JET DT operations (WPJET3) project is devoted to the studies of.

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